The zoning office investigates alleged violations of zoning ordinances within the Bossier City-Parish MPC jurisdiction.  UDC Violation Investigations are initiated by citizen complaints.  Types of zoning violations typically reported to the zoning office include but are not limited to: 

  • Auto repair in residential areas 
  • Boarding Houses 
  • Bushes exceeding 3 feet
  • Commercial auto sales 
  • Commercial businesses operating in residential areas
  • Construction without permits
  • Farm Animals 
  • Generators
  • Illegal fences
  • Illegal hours of operation
  • Illegal setbacks 
  • Illegal signs 
  • Large vehicles parked in non designated areas 
  • Multifamily dwellings
  • RV used as residence
  • Secondary Structures 
  • Storage of inoperable vehicles
  • Unapproved enclosures
  • Unapproved mobile homes
  • Unapproved tire storage  
  • Vehicles parked in yards 
If you need to report a violation, please verify that the property in question in located within the Bossier City-Parish MPC jurisdiction.  Click here to view the Bossier MPC Jurisdiction  Map

In your complaint, include the following information when possible:
  • Identify the specific zoning violation. Try to provide enough details about the alleged violation such as the current condition of the property; type of activity; name of the business; time and days of the reported violation; and provide any additional details regarding the reported violation.
  • You may provide us your name, telephone number, and/or other contact information so that we can obtain additional information regarding your complaint. This information is just for us and is kept confidential. You may also remain anonymous.
  • Give the exact location of the problem. Identify where in the property the violation occurs. For example, the violation is in the house, garage, dwelling unit, shed, commercial building, etc.
  • Street address and house number
  • If there is no address available, provide the location of the property. (i.e. northwest corner of First and Main streets)
  • Please provide any additional information that will aid the investigation.
  • A form to report zoning violations is available through the following link:  Zoning Violation Complaint Form