Zoning Compliance and Site Development Plan Reviews

Site and development plan review of public and private projects is conducted by the Bossier MPC or its designated staff to ensure compliance with stated policies of the comprehensive and other relevant jurisdictional plans, and zoning district development and design standards. Nearly all physical development necessitates the submission of a site/sketch plan before a permit can be issued. Examples include, but are not limited to fences, signs, pools. On a simpler end of the scale, is a residential garage. One must know the size of the garage, how it relates to other structures on the property, and its distance from property lines. More complex projects such as a new bank, multifamily residential, retail center, convenience store, etc., or projects in specifically designated districts, typically will require a zoning compliance and site plan review before a permit can be issued. In these cases, there are many issues that need to be addressed including access from public streets, site layout, building size, setbacks, drainage, parking, landscaping, utility connections, and lighting. Design details are also reviewed with respect to building materials, architectural style, roof, entrance details, etc. Click here to view examples of acceptable site plans.

The process of review involves comparing what is proposed on the site plan to what is required by the standards prescribed in the zoning ordinance. It is easiest to go through the development and design standards section, checking each off after confirming the plan meets or exceeds them. All dimensions and calculations should be verified and may include but are not limited to:
  • Building setbacks
  • Number of parking spaces, space and aisle width
  • Building height 
  • Lot coverage 
  • Size, spacing and location of landscaping
  • Sign location, number and size
  • Driveway surfaces, locations, and width
  • Utility/drainage easement locations and dimensions
  • Site lighting height and illumination level 
  • Material finishes
Zoning Compliance and Site Plan Development Jurisdiction.  Click here to view Bossier MPC Jurisdiction Map

City of Bossier City (property located within the City of Bossier City Limits) 
Site Plans, permit applications and associated fees must be submitted to the City of Bossier City Permits Department at 620 Benton Road, Bossier City, LA  71111.   See Permits and Inspections for more information.  

Bossier Parish (property located within 5 mile unincorporated area of the Bossier City-Parish MPC)
Site plans, permit applications and associated fees must be submitted to Code Inspections Plus (CIP).  CIP is located at 700 Benton Road, Bossier City, LA  71111.  Site plans may also be submitted through MyPermitNow.org