Mechanical Permits & Registration


Mechanical permits shall be required for the installation, alteration, replacement and/or repair of all:

  • Air conditioning distribution system
  • Air conditioning units
  • Air conditioning units of 54,000 BTU's per hour, or greater at air conditioning and refrigeration Institute conditions
  • Blower and/or exhaust or ventilating systems in other than residences
  • Combustion air and induced draft fans and blower
  • Evaporative coolers and ventilating hoods over the following:

  • Barbecuing
  • Broiling and/or baking of foods in other than residences
  • Cooking ranges and appliances for frying
  • Remotely installed air cooled refrigeration units
  • Steam and hot water boilers
  • Steam distribution system, hot water heating distribution
  • Suspended type infra-red heating units and/or combination air conditioning and heating units with duct work attached
  • Vented type heating units
  • Warm air distribution system
  • Water cooled refrigeration units, remote or packaged type
    • Permits shall be applied (and paid for) before commencing any work on properties, and permits shall also be required for repairs when any component part or piece of equipment is replaced when the cost of such repairs or replacements exceed $300 including labor. Fees for mechanical permits are based on the contract or selling price.

  • Refrigeration permits are required to be submitted separately in the event that the general contractor has a HVAC subcontractor and a refrigeration contractor.

Mechanical Fee Schedule PDF


Any person or contractors wishing to perform Air Conditioning/Heating work within Bossier City must have a current Bossier City Registration. Before a registration can be approved by the city, the contractor must provide a copy of their state license/or have passed the ICC exam for mechanical master, picture identification, a copy of general liability insurance not less than $100,000, and pay the required fees. The same applies to mechanical journeyman except for the general liability requirement.


  • Apprentice - $15
  • Journeyman - $30
  • Master Mechanical - $150

To obtain an application for testing for Air Conditioning/Heating Master/Journeyman contractor's licenses go to International Code Council's website.