Commercial & Residential Permits


Permits shall be required for new construction, additions, and alterations/repairs for existing commercial structures. 2 full sets of plans are needed and shall bear the name and address of the designer. The plans shall completely describe the entire construction, showing all architectural, structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and landscaping work.

Procedures & Process

For questions regarding the landscaping plans, contact the MPC Department at 318-741-8824. Plans will also need to be submitted to the State Fire Marshall for review and approval before the City's Fire Prevention Department signs off on any plans. For information regarding this procedure contact the State of Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal at 800-256-5452 or 225-925-4920, you can also view the Louisiana Fire Marshal website. If the structure being built or altered is a food establishment, a letter of approval from the Department of Health will be required before the permit can be issued. You may contact the Health Department at 318-741-7314 for questions in regard to the letter. The building contractor will need to provide proof of general liability insurance in the amount not less than $100,000, and if contract amount is $50,000 or more the contractor must provide a copy of state contractor's license.

For information on how to obtain a state license, you may contact the State Licensing Board of Contractors at 800-256-1392 or view the State Licensing Board of Contractors website. Also, if the contractor is out of state, they must provide a certification of non-resident contractor status from the Louisiana Department of Revenue. For information concerning this letter, contact the Department of Revenue at 225-219-7356. The owner of commercial properties may obtain the permit up to $50,000 without a general liability insurance or state license.


Permits shall be required for new residential construction, additions, and alterations/repairs for existing residential structures. For new construction, the builder must submit one set of full plans, site plan, post-tension foundation, a residential check (, general liability insurance, and copy of state contractor's license. A property owner can obtain a permit to build a house as long as an affidavit claiming exemption from licensure is signed and notarized. He/She will serve as the builder and will maintain the house as their personal residence for 1-year. Also, they must have not built another house within the past year.

On any type of residential permits, if the amount exceeds $7,500, the building contractor must be registered with the State as a Home Improvement Contractor. To register as a Home Improvement Contractor, contact the State Licensing Board of Contractors at 800-256-1392. The owner, however, can obtain the permit and fill out the permit application claiming exemption from this rule, only if they live in the residence where the work is being performed. The Engineering Department will need a finish floor elevation certificate for any new construction that is in a special flood hazardous area.

Commercial & Residential Permits

  • Demolition Permits
  • Mobile Home Tie Down Permits
  • Not Needing Plans (in Most Cases)
  • Re-roofing Permits
  • Vinyl Siding Permits

Permits Needing Additional Permission

Individuals or contractors who wish to obtain the following type of building permits must also obtain approval from the MPC / Zoning Department to insure that all proper height and setback requirements are followed before the permit can be issued.
  • Attached/Detached Carports/Garages Permits
  • Driveway Permits
  • Fence Permits
  • House Addition Permits
  • Moving Permits
  • Pool Permits
  • Sign Permits
  • Storage Building Permits
  • Tent Permits
Fees for all building permits are based on the construction cost amount. For the first $2,000 the fee is $30, then is $4 per every thousand after that. See example under the fee schedule. If you have any questions concerning the setback/height requirements, contact us at 318-741-8824.