Plumbing Permits & Registration


Plumbing permits shall be required for the repair or alteration of any plumbing system and gas piping work, which include plumbing fixtures, sewer/water connections, fire hydrant, swimming pool, lawn sprinkler system, gas retest on gas distribution system or service connection, clothes dryer, incinerators, gas grills, water heaters, etc. Repairs involving only the working parts of a faucet or valve, the clearance of stoppages, repairing leaks, or replacement of defective faucets or valves may be made without a permit provided no changes are made in the piping to the fixture. Permits shall be obtained before commencing any work on properties.

Fees for plumbing permits are based on the specific items. To learn more view the document,

Plumbing Fee Schedule (PDF).


Any person or contractors wishing to perform Plumbing work within Bossier City must have a current Bossier City Registration on file. Before a registration can be approved by the city, the contractor must provide a copy of their state license, picture identification, a copy of general liability insurance, not less than $100,000, and pay the required fees. The same applies to plumbing journeyman except for the general liability requirement.


  • Apprentice - $15
  • Journeyman $30
  • Master License - $150

Plumbing Master/Journeyman contractor's licenses must be obtained from the State Plumbing Board of Louisiana. For any work over $7,500 a plumbing designation must be listed on the Louisiana State License Boards License.