Proper Waste Disposal

Home Repair and Remodeling

Paints, solvents, adhesives, dusts, sediments, pesticides and household toxins commonly associated with home repair and remodeling activities often make their way into the Bossier City storm drain system and do not get treated before reaching the Red River and it's tributary streams. These wastes make our waters unhealthy and unsafe for people and wildlife.

Follow these practices to help prevent stormwater pollution.

Household Hazardous Waste

Common household cleaners, paint products, and wallpaper and tile adhesives contain toxic substances. Dispose of these products properly.

Remember: Toxic wastes should never enter the storm drain system. For disposal information, call 213-2161.


Keep all construction debris away from the street, gutter and storm drain, and if possible, schedule grading and excavation projects for dry weather. Cover excavated material and stockpiles of asphalt, sand, etc. with plastic tarps, and prevent erosion by planting fast-growing annual and perennial grasses, which will shield and bind the soil.

Landscape and Gardening

Use fertilizers and pesticides as directed. Keep them away from ditches, gutters and storm drains, and store them in a covered area to prevent contact with rain water. Also, minimize runoff and conserve water by using drip irrigation, soaker hoses, or micro-spray systems.

Remember: Do not deposit leaves and grass clippings into the street, gutter, or storm drain.


Cleanup - Avoid cleaning brushes or rinsing paint containers into a street, gutter or storm drain. For water based paints, "brush out" as much paint as possible, and rinse in the sink. For oil based paints, "brush out" as much paint as possible, clean with thinner, and then filter and reuse thinner or solvent.

Removal - Paint stripping residue, chips and dust from marine paints, and paints containing lead or tributyltin are hazardous wastes. Sweep them up and call 318-213-2159 for disposal information.

- Recycle or reuse leftover paint by using it for touch-ups, or by giving it to someone who can use it, such as a theatre group, school or other community organization. If you're unable to give it away, contact 318-213-2159 for disposal information.

Concrete and Masonry

Store bags of cement and plaster away from gutters and storm drains, and under cover, protected from rainfall, runoff and wind. Remember: Never dispose of cement washout or concrete dust onto driveways, streets, gutters or storm drains.

For more information call the City of Bossier Environmental Affairs office at 318-213-2159 or visit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website.