Public Utilities

The City of Bossier’ s Utility Department in 2016 developed a Public-Private Partnership with Manchac Consulting Group, Inc., for the management and oversight of the city’s utility department.  This partnership with a professional engineering firm offers to the city the planning, design, construction management, financial assistance, operational assistance, maintenance oversight, and all management of day-to-day activities associated with the Bossier City Utility Department.

Our private partner manages the following facilities:
Red River Wastewater Treatment Plant
NE Wastewater Treatment Plant
Bossier City Water Treatment Plant
Bossier City Water Distribution System Infrastructure including all potable waterlines, valves and hydrants, elevated water storage tanks, raw water pump stations and miscellaneous items.
Bossier City Sewage Collection and Conveyance System Infrastructure including all gravity collection lines, manholes, and sewer lift stations, force mains and miscellaneous items. 
Sewer Pre-Treatment
Environmental Affairs