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The Bossier City Water Treatment Plant was built in 1958. The original plant had a treatment capacity of 6 million gallons per day (MGD) and was originally designed as a lime softening facility, treating water directly from the Red River. Plant expansions and treatment modifications have been made over the years to keep up with increased water demands required for Bossier City and the surrounding areas. Production capacity was increased in 1972 to 16 MGD and again in 1996 to 25 MGD. In the 1996 upgrade, new treatment techniques such as the addition of ozone and computer control systems were implemented in order to contend with the unique treatment challenges imposed with newly adopted State and Federal Regulations.

Based on data obtained during a materials inventory investigation and sample site certification of Bossier City’s distribution system water line composition that was concluded in 2004 after collecting and testing water samples for the presence of lead in our drinking water, as well as conducting surveys with area plumbers and local regulatory agencies, the City of Bossier has no records or results indicating that there are any lines within our water system containing lead.


The most recent production increase was completed in 2013 bringing total production capability to 50 MGD. This addition included the implementation of low pressure membrane microfiltration/ultrafiltration technology along with ozone injection and granular activated carbon treatment processes in order to further improve finished water quality.

The Bossier City Water Treatment Plant remains the only facility in Louisiana to treat water from the Red River on a continual basis.

Plant personnel operate, maintain, and monitor the City's raw water supply, reservoir, numerous pumping stations, four elevated towers, the water treatment facility, water pressure, and water quality throughout the distribution system.

Partnership for Safe Drinking Water

The Water Plant is a member of the Partnership for Safe Drinking Water, sponsored by the EPA. The program is a self-assessment program to improve operator training, treatment techniques, operations and maintenance procedures, and management practices to improve water quality.


The continued diligence and care of the plant leadership and personnel has placed the facility among the best treatment facilities in the region. This is evidenced by the Bossier City Water Treatment Plant being the first facility in the State of Louisiana to receive the Five-Year Director's Award for water quality excellence from the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and has maintained the award for more than 10 years, most recently being awarded with the Ten-Year Director's Award in 2012. The Director's Award validates the continued commitment of our employees to continually improve and produce the best quality water for our community and to meet and exceed all water quality regulations.

Your Annual Water Quality Report is now available at Click Here to view the report and learn more about drinking water.

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