Career Opportunities

Firefighter Requirements

The following is a list of tests an applicant must pass in order to be considered for employment as a Firefighter with the Bossier City Fire Department (BCFD):
  • Pass the Firefighter Civil Service Exam with a 75% or better.
  • Pass the Compass test administered by Bossier Parish Community College. The Compass test is a comprehensive assessment of adult basic skills in Reading and Math. The Compass is scored by what grade level the applicant is ranked in both reading and math. The Bossier City Fire Department Compass requirements are, at least 12th grade level for Reading and 10th grade level for Math. If these grade levels are not achieved the applicant will not be considered for employment with our department.
  • Pass the Fitness Assessment administered by the BCFD. The Fitness Assessment will consist of 5 fitness checks with each category worth one 100 points. At the completion of the assessment, the applicant must have accumulated at least 350 points total and scored at least 70 points in the Cardiorespiratory (1.5 mile run) to continue in the process. The 5 categories of the fitness assessment, in the order they will be performed, are as follows:
    1. Dynamic Strength (push ups)
    2. Flexibility (sit and reach)
    3. Dynamic Strength (sit ups)
    4. Static Strength (1 rep maximum bench press)
    5. Cardiorespiratory (1.5 mile run)
Points for each category will be calculated based on the applicant's age, gender, and what the applicant accomplishes for that category. The applicants are required to do the very best they can in each category. We encourage the applicants to be aware of what is required of them physically and to train in advance so that you will be able to pass the fitness assessment and continue in the hiring process.


The following is a list of screenings the applicant must successfully complete, according to the standards set forth by the Bossier City Fire Department, in order to be hired as a Firefighter with our department:
  • Application Packet
  • Applicant Interview
  • Background and Criminal History Check
  • Polygraph
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Physical Exam and Drug Screening

Salary & Benefits

  • Beginning Firefighter pay is $3,118 per month
  • State Supplemental pay is $500 per month and will be received after 1 year of service if the employee has been certified as Firefighter I
  • Emergency Medical Technician incentive pay is available for those who qualify:
    • First Responder - $50 per month
    • EMT-Basic - $100 per month
    • EMT-Intermediate - $150 per month
    • EMT-Paramedic - $450 per month
  • Louisiana Firefighters' Retirement System
  • Medical and Dental Insurance
  • Tax-Deferred Savings Plan
  • Sick and Personal Leave