Maintenance Division


In November 1995, the Bossier City Fire Department created a new division, Fire Maintenance. As the Department grew so did the need for additional maintenance staff.


The purpose of the Fire Maintenance Division is to keep all fire line pumpers, ladder trucks, and ambulances in good working condition to better serve the citizens of Bossier City. The division is responsible for pump repairs, brake jobs, front-end work, rear end repairs, air condition repairs, electric repairs and tire service on all Fire Department vehicles. They do the Scott SCBA testing and repair work. They repair all the damaged fire hose. They work on the small engines such as lawn equipment, Hurst tools, generators, chain saws, etc. They do all the annual pump test on the pumper trucks at the Fire Training Division's draft pit. They also do the maintenance on the bomb robot, which is used by the Fire Department and the Police Department.