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The Purchasing division ensures that all purchases are made in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and procedures. Establish, after consultation with the department heads, standard specifications for all supplies, materials and equipment. Prescribes, with the approval of the Mayor, the time for making requisitions for such supplies, materials and equipment.
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Inspect or cause to be inspected all deliveries of supplies, materials and equipment purchased, and to cause tests to be made when necessary in order to determine their quality, quantity, and conformity with specifications. To conduct and administer such storerooms and warehouses, as may be established in accordance with rules and regulations established by the City Council. Transfer, with the approval of the Council, equipment to or between departments and agencies of the city to sell supplies, materials, and equipment determined after consultation with the head of the department concerned to be surplus or obsolete. Maintain a system of accounting for all property received and all property issued in accordance with accepted principles for property and inventory control. To maintain an inventory of all movable City property. To provide administrative contract management for all public works, construction, procurement and professional contracts.


In accordance with the Louisiana Public Bid Law RS:38:2212 Act No. 590, 2008 and Louisiana Administrative Code Title 4, Part XV, Chapter 7: Contractors and Vendors shall be provided the option to submit bids for Public Works and for Purchase of Materials and Supplies through a secure electronic interactive system. Submitted bids on paper continue to be acceptable.

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