Reading Your Water Bill

Water Bill Example


A. Service Address - Location where water services are being used.
B. Account Number - This is the number that the account has been assigned.
C. Service Period-
  • The beginning and ending date of current reading.
  • WA HGAL - includes previous month reading, currant month reading, and total water in gallons used.
  • WA LA DEPT of HLT&HDS - is a once a year charge required by the state.
  • SE Sewer Service/Usage - is the charge for sewage usage.
  • A  - Ambulance is a monthly charge for ambulance and EMT service.
  • SA - Sanitation is the monthly charge for trash pickup.
D. Cycle - This is a code that represents the week and location of the reading.
E. Days - This is how many days in the service period.
F. Total Current Charges - Charges that were occurred during the service period.
G. Previous Balance Due Immediately.
H. Total Due - This total includes previous unpaid balance (if due) and currant balance.
I. Due Date - This is the last day payment can be made with out en-curing a late charge.
J. After Due Date - This is the total of previous unpaid charge, currant unpaid charges and late charge.