How do I get a culvert for my driveway?
Call Public Utilities at 318-741-8471.

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1. What Flood Zone is my property located in? What does that flood zone classification mean?
2. Do you have an elevation certificate on-file for my property?
3. Do you have a letter of map amendment (LOMA) on-file for my property?
4. Where is a certain address located in Bossier City? Is this address inside are outside of the city limits?
5. How do I get my driveway/sidewalk fixed?
6. The street is caving in. Who fixes it?
7. Who repairs street lights?
8. How do I get a streetlight by my house?
9. How do I get a culvert for my driveway?
10. Is it possible to get city services such as water and sewer?