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1. Where is the Bossier City Police Department located?
2. How do I become a Police Officer/FireFighter?
3. How do I get a Restraining/Protective Order?
4. How can I get a copy of a report of a crime or accident report?
5. How may I compliment the service of a Bossier City Police Officer?
6. How do I file a complaint against an officer?
7. How can I make the Bossier City Police Department aware of suspected drug activity in a particular area?
8. Who do I call to report the location of a wanted suspect or information about a crime?
9. How can I find out how much a traffic ticket will cost?
10. Where do I pay a traffic fine?
11. If my vehicle was towed, how can I get it back?
12. Where can I find a complete listing of Bossier City Ordinances?
13. How can I hire an off duty officer to provide security for my event?
14. How do I get a permit for a parade or an event that requires streets to be closed?