Small Claims Court


The Small Claims Court Division is a part of the Bossier City Court established pursuant to Louisiana Revised Statutes 13:5200-5212. You may sue to resolve minor civil disputes and to recover claims of up to $5,000. A claim, generally speaking, asserts a legal right you may have.

Who Can Sue

You may use the Small Claims Court to sue someone who lives within the city limits of Bossier City. You may also sue in Small Claims Court if you were injured within the city limits of Bossier City, regardless where the party causing your injury may live. Otherwise, the Court's authority to handle cases affecting defendants who do not reside within the Bossier City limits depends on numerous factors that warrant professional legal advice.

You must be 18-years of age to file a case in Small Claims court, but minors may sue through a parent or guardian. Minors can not be sued unless through their parent or guardian.