Projects Division

Bossier City is a fast growing city. The number of residents is increasing every year. There are many projects on the horizon. You can review Bossier City's 2020-2024 Capital Projects Plan to see what the future plans the city wants to fulfill for its citizens and visitors.
Bossier City welcomes the film industry to our community and the east bank of the Red River. Bossier City is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the South. Bossier City and northwest Louisiana combine to offer the film-maker one of the most perfect locations for a film or television production. Bossier City offers the film industry some of the most diverse locations and attractions in northwest Louisiana, we are sure that we can help you meet your film demands. You will find a diversity of attractions in Bossier, from live thoroughbred horse racing to the swamps of the Deep South. Bossier City is a true sportsman paradise and promises to give you a taste of true Southern hospitality. 
Aerial Photo of Bossier City
North Parkway Extension
Introducing the Bigby Carriageway (North Parkway Extension)