Animal Services

Fur-babies Deserve Fur-ever Homes!!    

All animals in the care of Bossier City Animal Services (BCAS) will be appropriately housed, fed, watered and cared for, provided veterinary care as appropriate, given the best chance for reunification or adoption; and if necessary, humanely euthanized according to guidelines set forth by the Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine. 

In order to satisfy Bossier City Ordinance Sec. 14-104 - Records: All transactions with BCAS will require a valid ID to be presented. Whether an animal is being left with us as a stray or owner surrender, an animal is being adopted, or you are involved in an animal incident or providing a witness statement, you will be expected to provide a legal, valid Identification upon request.

All animals without a microchip will be microchipped upon leaving BCAS with a previous owner or new adopter, in order to improve reunification of animals with their family in our city. The owner of any animal being reclaimed will be responsible for the cost of the microchip. The adoption fee includes the microchip. Rescues may request the animal receive a microchip at a reduced fee.


Contact us right away! We have assistance that we can provide for many issues that you may need help with to keep your animal in your home.
Bossier City Animal Services, like so many shelters and rescues across our country, is experiencing a huge over population of unwanted and abandoned animals in the shelter. Due to this, we have implemented and are following procedures recommended as best practices nation-wide. This includes managed intake of generally only sick, injured and bite animals, and no owner surrenders. If you have an animal that you need assistance with, please contact us for other ways that we can help.

Need to rehome your pet?

We know times are tough, and want to help! Please contact us if you just need help with food or something else to keep your pet. 318-741-8499

Being over capacity means we often don't have kennels for healthy strays or owner surrender animals. If you are looking to rehome your animal, please use the direct link to the right. This will allow you to quickly and easily create a listing, and credits Bossier City Animal Services with the referral.

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  4. Tips for Finding Lost Pets

The Animal Services Unit of your Public Works Department:

  • Operates an animal shelter and adoption program, to protect and find homes for unwanted companion animals.
  • Enforces ordinances, such as leash law, cruelty and neglect, laws governing vaccinations and general companion animal welfare.
  • Educates the public, to make citizens aware of animal welfare problems, and ways to solve them.


Animal Services Officers protect:

  • People and property from the dangers and nuisance of roaming, uncontrolled animals.
  • Loose pets and unwanted companion animals from the dangers they face in the wild and on city streets.

Animal services professionals are required to know how to handle animals - and how to work with people.

Department Actions

Some of the actions that Animal Services perform include:

  • Pet Adoptions: Animal Services houses homeless and unwanted animals at 3217 Old Shed Rd, Bossier City, LA 71111. After a 3 day stray hold animals are evaluated and those that are socialized and ready for homes are put up for adoption. Come visit with our adoptable animals today!
    • Adoptable animals can also be found on Petfinder and
    • You can fill out an adoption application 24 hours a day. Also on Petfinder and
    • Additionally, Animal Services has Working Cats (spayed, neutered, vaccinated and ear tipped cats placed in any area with people that agree to care for them with supplemental food and annual vaccinations, specifically for the purpose of pest prevention) available for placement. Contact the shelter at (318) 741-8499 for additional information.
  • Stray Holding: Bossier City, and sometime Parish, strays are held at the shelter for 72 hours (not counting weekends and holidays) for the purpose of reunification with their families. PLEASE COME VIEW OUR STRAY ANIMALS if your animal goes missing! ACOs and shelter staff scan all animals for microchips. However, nothing ensures that your animal isn't being held like you coming to view all strays directly.
  • Cruelty Investigations: Animal Services personnel enforce laws governing humane treatment of animals. If necessary, they may remove animals from unsafe or unhealthy conditions and begin legal action against negligent owners.
  • Complaint Investigations: Animal Services personnel may look into complaints of noisy, destructive or threatening animals. If necessary, proper legal action may be taken including citations, fines and impoundment.
  • Animal Rescue: Animal Services personnel use their special knowledge and equipment to help find and rescue lost or trapped animals.
  • Animal "Ambulance": Animal Services personnel may transport injured animals, as appropriate, safely and humanely to the shelter or to health care facilities when found on city streets or when removed from a neglect or cruelty situation.
  • Animal Quarantine: Animals that bite humans are located and quarantined to make certain they are not carrying any zoonotic disease.