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Metropolitan Planning Commission

Bossier Comprehensive Land Use and Development Plans


The Bossier Comprehensive Land Use and Development Master Plan is an official public document, adopted by the Bossier City-Parish Metropolitan Planning Commission, City of Bossier City Council and the Bossier Parish Police Jury. The Master Plan serves as a guide for policy decisions relating to the physical growth and economic development of Bossier City and the MPC Planning Area, which generally extends five miles beyond the corporate limits into Bossier Parish. In addition to providing a vision, goals and objectives to work toward the Year 2020, the Plan assesses the opportunities and challenges facing the region, identifies important policies and strategies, and establishes priorities for an aggressive implementation program that emphasizes specific actions and practical results.

The Bossier Plan updates previous plans and serves as a blueprint for future development. The Plan is designed to acquaint the reader with the City and Parish by documenting existing conditions and characteristics while identifying the area's goals, expectations, and priorities for the 21st Century as well as specific action plans for achieving these goals. The Plan addresses the physical aspects of planning such as land use and development; natural resources, recreation and open space; transportation facilities and improvements; utility infrastructure; housing and neighborhoods; and, community facilities. In addition, it addresses long-term policies that will guide shorter-term decisions regarding development review and approval, budgeting and fiscal management, and capital improvements programming. The Bossier Plan also sets the stage for more focused planning efforts, providing longterm perspective and highlighting how actions in one area, such as annexation, can have implications in other areas, such as land use, infrastructure, public facilities, or parks and recreation planning.


The Bossier Comprehensive Plan - City (updated 2013)

The Bossier Comprehensive Plan - Parish



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