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Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational License

What is an Occupational License Tax?

  • Occupational License Tax is a tax on the gross receipts of each person or entity operating from a physical business location within the corporate city limits of Bossier City. If your business is located within the corporate city limits of Benton, Haughton, or Plain Dealing you should pay your occupational license tax directly to that municipality.

What is required to obtain an occupational license?

  • Complete an Occupational License Application and a Tax Registration Application. The same application is used to register for Sales and Use Tax and Chain Store Tax if applicable.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC), Second Floor, Bossier City Municipal Complex, 318-741-8824.
  • Pay the temporary (tentative) license fee ($50.00) prescribed by LA. R.S. Title 47 to the to the Tax Department License Division, First Floor, Bossier City Municipal Complex, 318-741-8555 to obtain a temporary license. The minimum temporary (tentative) license fee is reduced to $25.00 for business beginning after June 30th.

How often is the Occupational License Tax paid and when does it expire?

  • The Occupational License Tax is renewed annually. All Occupational License taxes expire December 31st and are to be renewed by March 1st of the new year.

Where can an application for the Occupational License Tax be obtained?

  • If within the Bossier City corporate city limits call or write:

City of Bossier City - Tax Dept. License Division
Bossier City Municipal Complex
620 Benton Road or (P. O. BOX 5399-71171-5399)
Bossier City, LA 71111

  • Call or write for more information if within the corporate limits of:

Town of Benton
107 Sibley Street,
Benton, LA 71006

Town of Haughton
120 McKinley Ave
Haughton, La 71037



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