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Human Resources Department

It is the policy of the City of Bossier City to maintain a discrimination-free environment. We are committed to the practice of hiring and advancing the most qualified people without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, citizenship, age, veteran status, or disability. This practice extends to all terms and conditions of employment.

The City of Bossier City is also committed to the full utilization of women and minorities at all levels and in all segments of our work force consistent with the availability of qualified people. We also provide job opportunities for qualified people with disabilities and veterans of the Vietnam era, as well as disabled veterans.

Our commitment to equal opportunity goes beyond what is required for legal compliance. We value the diversity of our work force and support an environment that encourages all employees to make their fullest contribution. If we are to meet the needs of the citizens of Bossier City in these increasingly demanding times, we must make maximum use of everyone’s talents.

Employment applications are taken daily (Monday through Friday) in the Human Resources Department from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., or an application can be submitted by mail, email or fax. Applications are retained in an active file for a period of one year.

Job openings are posted in the Human Resources Department and on other departmental bulletin boards. Current city employees are given preference for promotion to positions above the lowest grade.

After the closing date listed on the job opening, all eligible applications are rated based upon education, related work and knowledge required in the job-opening announcement. For a brief description of current job openings, please click the job title of the Employement Listings.

Employment Listings
Laborer II/(Street Sweeping & Grass Cutting Crew)
Parks & Recreation (Laborer 1)
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES :   Under the immediate supervision of a Recreation Maintenance II supervisor, Foreman I or... more »
PUBLIC UTILITIES: Electrician III (Lift Stations)
POSITION TITLE :   Electrician III    (Lift Stations)   DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:   Works both inside and... more »
PUBLIC UTILITIES: Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator
POSITION TITLE:   Plant Operator      ( Wastewater Treatment  Plant )   DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:   Operates wastewater treatment, sludge processing,... more »
PUBLIC WORKS: Laborer 1 (Solid Waste)
POSITION TITLE:   Laborer I   (Solid Waste Dept.)         DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:   Under immediate... more »
FINANCE: Tax Auditor
POSITION TITLE:   Tax Auditor            DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:   Conducts audits in conjunction with... more »
PUBLIC UTILITIES: Industrial Waste Pretreatment Inspector (Environmental Affairs Division)
POSITION TITLE: Industrial Waste Pretreatment Inspector (Environmental Affairs Division) DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES : Under the direct guidance of... more »
PARKS & RECREATION: Part-Time Field Maintenance Worker I
POSITION TITLE :  Part-Time Field Maintenance Worker I    DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Employee will be under immediate... more »
PUBLIC WORKS: P/ T Animal Control Laborer I
POSITION TITLE: P/T Animal Control Laborer I  DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Cares for stored or impounded animals; feeds and... more »
Public Utilities - Electrician I (Lift Stations Division)
POSITION TITLE :   Electrician I (Lift Stations) Grade: 5 DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:   Works both inside and... more »


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Contact US

City of Bossier City
Human Resources
620 Benton Road
P.O. Box 5337
Bossier City, Louisiana 71171-5337
Phone: 318.741.8800
Fax: 318.741.8809

John Tomasek III : Director

Kellie Bell : Personnel Specialist

Lisa Stephens : Personnel Specialist

Mike Steen : Risk Management

Office Hours M-F: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Holiday Schedule

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Employment Opportunities

Mail or fax resume to:
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